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Somewhat caught up, not dead

Well, I got through all of the last over a week's worth of entries on show=P, but I haven't touched communities (except those I admin, just in case something needed smacking, which it didn't) or syn feeds. I'll do those tomorrow. It'll be so nice to sleep in my own bed tonight. Heck, it'll be so nice to sleep in any bed whatsoever tonight. Sleeping on the floor is not bundles of fun with a frolicking munky and extra ketchup. Sometimes, I'd switch to sleeping in Chris's bed after he went to school. I brought a cot to sleep on, but it was flimsy and I am heavy, so I broke it. I didn't wake up sore from sleeping on the floor, but I tended to wake up before I was really all the way rested.

I had a good time in Eugene, though. I got to hang out with my sweetie, and I also got to rent lots of anime. Also, I am now very close to being done with FFIV. I cooked a lot, too. I even cooked a whole chicken, which I've never done before. I also cooked salmon twice, and set off the smoke alarm both times (it turned out just fine, though). Also pancakes. I never really realized just how fucking cheap pancakes are per serving before. They just might be the cheapest unit of tasty food I have yet been able to find. Not that they're good for me or anything.

The job market down there sucks. Applied for one job, plan to do more research on two others now that I have 'net access again and will probably apply for them in a few days. I also picked up the Sunday paper right before I left and I'll look for more job ads in it when I wake up. Everybody wants two goddamn yeats of experience. How in the holy living fuck am I supposed to get two years of experience if no one will hire me without it? Grrbah.

I am very tired, and have read well over 400 entries. If it was important and I didn't comment, sorry. Try commenting here with a link and I'll read it again when my eyes aren't glazed over.

I want inexpensive high speed rail between Portland and Eugene.

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