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I just found out that I don't have to take astronomy next term for my Computer Science/Math additional major! (I don't know if I've posted about it in here, but I looked at the catalog and realized that if I play my cards right I can double, doing both CS and Communication.) See, in the catalog it says "So that mathematical and natural science students acquire a breadth of understanding of the sciences as a whole, they are expected to take the Category A and B requirements from disciplines outside their major department." Since the catalog generally seems to have the mission of telling you want you have to do to graduate, not giving you suggestions for what would make you happier in life, I had assumed that this meant that I had to take me category B class outside the math department. This is what everyone had always told me, as well. Today I was standing outside my Discrete Math professor's office, waiting for him to be done advising a student on classes so I could ask him a question about homework, and he told her that calculus would work for her category B. So when I went in to ask him about my homework, I asked him how that worked, and he told me that it was just a suggestion to do it the other way. I ran down to the registrar's office, and they confirmed it for me. Yay! Now I only have to take 14 credits next semester to double major and graduate on time! This is especially amazing considering I didn't plan to double major until about this month, and therefore didn't consciously plan my classes this semester with that goal in mind. Sometimes, I guess I just get lucky. So anyway, now that it's 14 credits instead of 18 this double major thing is looking a lot less nutty and more sensible. And if I screw up, I only really need to pass 8 credits next semester to graduate, with only 2 of them being from a specific class. (The other 12 are all for the CS major.) I therefore plan to take 2 credits of music performance classes (probably choir and either guitar or voice) so that if all else fails, I can drop all the math classes but one and only have to pass that, senior seminar and 2 music performance classes (and I've gotten an A in every music performance class I've taken here except for one, which I got a B in) to graduate with just the comm degree. I think even I can pass one math class if I'm not really taking anything else.

So yeah. I'm excited.

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