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I get to see my sweetie soon!

I'm going to head down to Eugene on Friday to see clipdude. I'm going to stay until the 19th or so, and look for work while I'm at it. If I can find a job, I'm going to move down for good.

I'm planning this whole schedule around choir, which is a little nuts. We have a concert this Thursday, so I'm heading down Friday. Normally, we rehearse on Mondays, but that next Monday will be fall break for UofP, so we have no choir. I have to be back by the 20th for the next rehearsal, though. I'm willing to quit choir if I get a job, but not if I'm just looking. Depending on how productive I feel about the whole looking for work down there thing, I may head down pretty often to do so. I really only need to be in Portland on Mondays.

I've been restless and frustrated lately, and I think I need some changes in my life. I'm hoping I'll be able to move out of my dad's house and in with Chris. I think I need to not live with my parents anymore. It's starting to drive me nuts. Also, I miss my sweetie. He's so busy with grad school, and I want to be able to help with the little things, like cooking and stuff. I'm a decent enough cook, and I haven't done anything too awful in the pursuit of laundry, so I bet I could be some help around the apartment down there. I'm not great with cleaning, but I bet I could get better about it if I made an effort. I just feel so disempowered here, because it's dad's house and I don't want to do anything in a way that isn't the way he'd do it. I can't even really grocery shop, since I don't know if he'll be home for dinner or eating with Ann. At least Chris likes leftovers, so if I were down there I could just make dinner anyway without wasting food, since it would get eaten later.

Oh, and if anyone wants to come to my choir concert, it's on Thursday at 1930 in the Buckley Center Auditorium at University of Portland.

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