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I'm trying to give you money, please make it a pleasant experience

So today, I had what will hopefully be one of my very last interactions with the OHSU financial aid office. I have never found this office to be staffed by people who were easy to deal with or interested in helping me. (My loans for fall quarter at OGI came through in December, for example.) Anyway, I recalled from undergrad, where they actually did the required-by-federal-law exit interview rather than just sending me a bunch of paperwork, that you could pay off only the principal of a Perkins loan (and no interest at all) if you paid it off in full during the grace period. Since I only have about $1500 in Perkins loans and about $2500 in my savings account thanks to the extra $1000 from my month of temp work, I decided to take that option and pay it off. Anyway, this was terribly complicated to explain to the person on the other end of the phone number provided to me. It's like no one has ever asked for this before. They kept explaining that I didn't need to make payments until April, that that is why I'm not getting payment coupons now, and so on. Finally, I broke it down into a very simple request with lots of pauses: "I want to pay off my entire loan. Now. Before it is due. So that I don't have to pay interest. Please send me a payment coupon for the entire loan amount and instructions on where to send the check. Now." LC, on the other hand, really emphasized this option and had no trouble grasping exactly what I wanted to do. (I had $2000 in Perkins loans from them, and saved money during my entire undergrad experience so I could pay them off without interest.) Anyway, hopefully they will send me the proper paperwork so that I may send them a check and never have to deal with them again.

I still, of course, have my stupid Stafford loan to pay off (I had more loans from one quarter of grad school than all of undergrad) but at least that seems to not be administered by the school and therefore have competent people involved in at least some aspects. I should have it paid off in about 2 1/2 years if I can keep up my current accelerated payment schedule. I fucking hate debt.

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