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I'm trying to shift my sleep schedule in such a way that I wake up at a normal time in the morning. This is likely to come in handy if, say, I get a job or something. Anyway, last night I turned off my reading light and went to sleep at 2245. I just now woke up. At 1140. I slept between 12 and 13 hours. Bleh. I think my body just wants to wake up at noon no matter when I went to sleep.

On the other hand, I had a hell of a lot of dreams. The one I most remember now seemed to involve living in a house that was in my mom's neighborhood (except, being a dream, it wasn't a damn thing like mom's neighborhood), climbing around in some small woods with a waterfall as a short cut and then explaining to someone that I was pretty sure it was either a park or an easement. Then there were a bunch of us and we wanted to have a party. I lamented that Becky's house would be perfect, except for the whole not-speaking-to-her-anymore thing. We decide to just ask her parents (who, to my recollection, didn't look anything like her parents, nor did they act like them) if we could have the party there anyway, and they didn't mind. In the dream, it was a very spiffy house. (Why do my dreams always have big, complicated houses? People in my dreams almost never live in anything like their real houses.) Anyway, Becky glared at us a lot for having a party in her house and it was generally uncomfortable. Some girl with long blond hair who I hadn't, in the dream, seen in years was there too. I can't decide if she was supposed to be Mable or Heather A. One would make more sense from a having-a-dream-about-friends-I'm-not-friends-with-anymore perspective, and the other from a same-circle-of-people perspective. I suppose it doesn't really matter.

All in all, though, I would have preferred to have woken up at a reasonable time to having had complicated dreams about lost friendships and architecture.

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