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Busy, but fun-busy

Yesterday, it was exactly 3 years since clipdude and I started dating. I drove down to Eugene to celebrate with him. We had a hard time finding a place to eat, and finally ended up at Outback. It was pretty good, although the music was kind of cheesy. (Men At Work, mosty. I kinda like them, and have one of their tapes somewhere, but it wasn't what I had in mind for a "romantic evening out".) His laptop needs a new power cord, so there was no anime-watchin' this time. Also, we were both pretty tired and didn't want to stay up all night.

Today, we ate breakfast, I dropped him off at school, and then I drove back to Portland. I now have a sore throat. Bleh. It's probably from caffeine, but I've been getting a lot of them lately. Doctor time, I guess.

Tonight, qousqous, giapet, and I are going to go out for sushi and mirth. I like both of those things. Actually, I'd better get going.

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