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Back from the beach

I went to the beach this weekend with my mom and grandmother. As always, we bought way too many books at Robert's Used Books (which is my favorite bookstore even if it in Lincoln City so I only get to go once a year) and didn't do much in the way of tourist things. We always rent someplace with a kitchen so we can cook our own meals and not deal with crowds. It's nice. We stayed up until midnight drinking beer and playing Skip-Bo.

Anyway, as I now have no job, I want adventure! Monday (today, technically) I have choir from 1910-2110, but am open for rampant stupidity at other times. I'm going to head down to Eugene on Tuesday since it will have been 3 years since clipdude and I started dating and I want to be with him to celebrate. That's the longest I've ever dated anyone. Anyway, I'll probably be back in Portland Wednesdayish, unless other fun things are happening down in Eugene. Then i have nothing planned until anime club on Saturday night. Well, it is my cousin Kirsten's 21st birthday on Thursday, so I might take her out someplace at some point as well, but we'll see. I haven't talked to her in months.

Anyway, I am all in favor of adventure, and demand that some present itself somehow or I will arbitrarily start knocking on people's doors and making them come frolic with me. THIS MIGHT INVOLVE PIRATE COSTUMES.

Oh, and I think I'm all caught up on my friends page, but it is possible that I missed some stuff. Please comment here if there was something important that I should know about from the past week or so.
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