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Getting caught up.

Bleh. 440 entries back, and I'm finally caught up except for what came in while I was reading tonight. I may have missed something. If something important happened to you, please comment here and let me know. If you were expecting me to comment on something and I didn't, link to it and I'll read it again while awake.

I trimmed a bunch of communities. I many have to start cutting comics next, because it's really looking like I'll only be getting online a couple of times a week. I can't bring myself to cut actual people.

I spent the weekend in Eugene with clipdude. It was fun. I am tired. Screw real updates. List time!

Wednesday: Had headache, baked cookies, ate dinner, threw up. Whee.

Thursday: Work potluck, Gustav's for dinner with mom and grammy. Had 29 oz of beer. Also way too much food, including fondue, pretzel and main course of prime rib. I like Gustav's, but it's good that they are clear across town and expensive, or I wouldn't fit through doorways anymore.

Friday-Sunday: Eugene. My sweetie rocks.

Time for bed. Have to be up at 0630. Boo.

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