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This is just a note that I haven't been online much lately or doing a good job of keeping up with LJ communities and such. I'm currently caught up on personal journals on my LJ friendslist (but not yet on anything DW-only) but otherwise I just haven't been paying attention for about 2 weeks now. For now, assume I'm running at least a week behind on anything posted in a personal LJ and that I won't see it if it's in a community. If it's something I actually need to know in a timely fashion, call me. If it's something in a community I run and it needs dealing with, that goes double.

This is mostly because I finally let myself start playing Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, which I bought on sale back in December but hadn't been letting myself start because I knew I'd play it constantly for a while before losing interest. I'll probably resurface in a month or so when it's less fun, but in the meantime my recreational screen-time is being spent there instead of here. It's a game where wild monkeys like hugs. How can I not play it all day long?

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